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Lola Hosting takes great pride in being a United States based company. We strive to live the “American Dream” in our industry, which is why we acknowledge and appreciate all other United States based industries for their hard work and dedication to producing and selling American made products. We also consider outstanding presentation of American made products to be essential in order to showcase innovative and well-made products. Although an American made product is innovative and well-made, but does not have a great presentation, consequently it will not produce the revenue desired. However, when a product is showcased it looks more appealing to a potential customer, which will influence a purchase, and ultimately increase sales. Due to the fact that presentation drives more sales, Lola Hosting has teamed up with a professional video production company to make the presentation of American made products more appealing to potential customers via the Internet and additional media outlets. Lola Hosting desires to make your business be more notable and feature your ingenuity, diligence, and commitment to your American made products.

Below are videos made by the production company we teamed up with, which showcase American made products and can promote your business.


Made In The USA: Video showcasing the American worker, and the pride in his work.


Melted In America: Video emphasizing the quality and pride behind the “Made in USA” product.


Komatsu: Product video for Komatsu presses.

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