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Lola Hosting’s mission is to provide the most reliable web hosting services as well as unique websites to keep any business ahead of its competition. Lola hosting offers better services than the leading competition, which is achieved by using a reliable data center as well as a talented staff of technicians and designers. Customer satisfaction is Lola Hosting’s highest priority and will treat customers with integrity, care, and with the utmost respect.

Lola Wireless was incorporated in August 2011. Lola Hosting is a sister company of Lola Wireless, which under Lola Hosting operates. Since Lola Wireless’ brief history it was able to develop  its own data center, secure two services with two different municipalities, and a dozens of other businesses. The founder of Lola Wireless has been in the communications and IT industry since 1999, which will provide the innovative thinking and the ability to surpass the leading competition.

Lola Wireless has many principles and holds each principle to the highest standard. Customer service and satisfaction will prove to be superior up against leading competitors, which in turn will provide loyal customers Lola Wireless proves to provide the fastest internet at a low cost with no contract.  Meeting customers and satisfying customer needs is Lola Wireless’ highest priority. Being local and available to our customers is what makes Lola Hosting so unique. Unlike large corporations, Lola Hosting believes each customer is important and deserves to be treated as so, which is why we will remain local in every aspect to give each customer a “homey” feel.

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