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Shared Hosting

April 22, 2012 in Blog by Brittney Harmon  |  Comments Off on Shared Hosting

Shares hosting is the most common web hosting service, but what is shared hosting? Let’s use a house as an analogy. The house is a server and each client website is a resident. Each resident has his own room, but shared the utilities such as, water, gas, electric, and so on. The same is for each shared hosting client. Each client website has its own “room”, but also shared the same “utilities”, power, internet access, RAM (memory), and so on.  With shared hosting, like living in a house with multiple residents, while one resident is using all of the water pressure in the shower it makes it difficult to wash clothes or water the lawn. So, if one client website is using all of the bandwidth accessing another client website on the same server can become difficult. This is a common practice in many web hosting companies, but Lola Hosting uses a different technique, which eliminates this difficulty by using unique technology to isolate each client website to use only a specific amount of resources.

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