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Free Toll Free Number

February 4, 2013 in Blog by Jacob Brozek  |  No Comments

My team and I have decided to launch a Free Toll Free Number promotion today. How it works is simple, you just need to sign up for Lola Supreme hosting using the promo code (see link below). The toll free number will be forwarded to your existing US based number and the promotion includes 100 minutes free each month. Each additional minute is 3.6 cents. The toll free number is free for 6 months only, after the 6 months promotional period the fee is only 9.99/month and yes, it still includes the 100 free minutes. You don’t have to keep the toll free number after 6 months if you don’t want it, just simply cancel it.

We want to see your business grow and succeed, that’s why a toll free number is important for your existing or new business. It makes you look more professional and more established, plus you can take it anywhere. Also, it doesn’t matter if your number changes, just update the forwarding and no one will ever know. When your business grows we can help you with your phone system as well. Whether it’s hosted PBX or dedicated PBX we can make it happen. The only thing that should be on your mind is how to grow your business, we can handle the rest.

Toll Free Number Link

Thank You

Jacob Brozek – Founder

Made In The USA

January 24, 2013 in Blog by Jacob Brozek  |  No Comments

“Made in USA” is a rare scene. Pick up any product you see in the store and chances are it’s made in a foreign country. In addition to products in the stores, you will also see the same in the graphic/website design industry, which is mostly outsourced overseas to other various countries. For example, you can use a website to hire a freelancer to work on a small graphic/website design project. How it works is you list the project and people from various countries around the world bid on it. Since cost of labor is so low in other countries, the price is driven down to the point where a person in the United States has no desire to work on the project.

All manufacturers in the United Stated are proud of what they produce, because their hard work, precious time, noble heart goes into each and every product. For that reason is why I have decided to combine forces with a video production company, one of the best in Chicagoland, and not only show the people in United States but the rest of the world how proud the American workers are of their products. We have put together a complete package that includes a new and updated website for your company along with videos showcasing your products. Let’s show America what “Made In USA” is all about.

Thank You

Jacob Brozek – founder

Did you know you can text us?

January 18, 2013 in Blog by Jacob Brozek  |  No Comments

Having multiple methods of contact is important, having multiple convenient ways of contact are even better. I decided to write this article to let our valued customers know that one of the ways to contact us is by texting. Almost everyone now days has a cell phone, so we implemented texting on our main office number of 630-496-9960. Go ahead and give it a try! Standard message rates apply so this method of contact will best suite people with unlimited messaging plans.

How does it work? When you send a text it goes to your service providers SMSC, using SS7 protocol or IP based. Once the SMSC receives the message it looks up where it should forward the message to for delivery and what protocol it can use to deliver the message to the other receiving SMSC. Than away it goes, at this point our server takes over from our sister company and distributes it to our staff, yes, even me I actively participate in all the different departments.

Thank You

Jacob Brozek – founder

The Key is Customer Service

March 26, 2012 in Blog by Jacob Brozek  |  No Comments

With so many hosting companies out there, it is very easy to get lost and overwhelmed with all the features, technical specs, abbreviations, advertisements you name it. It can be very difficult to chose the right hosting company. Nowadays seems like all the hosting companies offer same features, so choosing a host based on features is no longer an issue. what about price, you may ask? Shared hosting is such a competitive market a few dollars forward or a few dollars backward are not going to matter, really.

The key is service, yes service. Many hosting companies promise a lot, but don’t really deliver. Also, getting a hold of someone is next to impossible or if you have an issue on your site, you’re on your own. A good hosting company should see each customer more than just a number. Each customer is just as important as the next one.

So chose wisely, ask questions, do your research then chose.

Thank You

Jacob Brozek – founder


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