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Made In The USA

January 24, 2013 in Blog by Jacob Brozek  |  Comments Off on Made In The USA

“Made in USA” is a rare scene. Pick up any product you see in the store and chances are it’s made in a foreign country. In addition to products in the stores, you will also see the same in the graphic/website design industry, which is mostly outsourced overseas to other various countries. For example, you can use a website to hire a freelancer to work on a small graphic/website design project. How it works is you list the project and people from various countries around the world bid on it. Since cost of labor is so low in other countries, the price is driven down to the point where a person in the United States has no desire to work on the project.

All manufacturers in the United Stated are proud of what they produce, because their hard work, precious time, noble heart goes into each and every product. For that reason is why I have decided to combine forces with a video production company, one of the best in Chicagoland, and not only show the people in United States but the rest of the world how proud the American workers are of their products. We have put together a complete package that includes a new and updated website for your company along with videos showcasing your products. Let’s show America what “Made In USA” is all about.

Thank You

Jacob Brozek – founder

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